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2017 Announcements

Date Activity
May 19-24 Cafe will be closed as part of Bon Odori preparation.
May 27-28 Open until 2pm (May 27) and 3pm (May 28) only. Will open a booth at Bon Odori 2017 in the afternoons. View details


《 Cebu Lunch at Kawaii Cafe. Featured by Maki Emiko》

❤️Kawaii cafe
Have you heard about Kawaii cafe in Cebu?
If you are interested in Japanese Akiba-culture,you will have good experience there❣️

Ms.Mina is a lot of talent actually.
She is cute. But not only that.
Please listen to the BGM♬

♬Kawaii Cafe de Cebu Lunch
♪Lyrics: markie
♪Composition: Mina
♪Song: Mina

I’ll be happy if you click “Like👍” and “SHARE”.

Thank you💖

Posted by Maki Emiko on Tuesday, May 2, 2017


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Have a slice of Japan with exciting events and activities.

Photobooth on Bon Odori 2017May 28-29

Cosplay WednesdayWear cosplay costume every Wednesday and get 10% discount on all food and drinks!

1st Anniversary Cosplay CompetitionAugust 19

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Ramen (ラーメン)
Ramen (ラーメン)
Japanese food experience won’t be complete without a hot bowl of all-time favorite ramen.
Not a Japanese food, but this Italian cuisine is also most-loved by our customers.
Yakisoba (焼きそば)
Yakisoba (焼きそば)
Satisfy your noodle craving with this original Japanese cuisine that dates back to the early 20th century.

Oreo Smoothie
Oreo Smoothie
Refreshing smothie topped with your favorite Oreo cookies.
Matcha (抹茶) Smoothie
Matcha (抹茶) Smoothie
Even on summer, you can still enjoy this chilled alternative to the original Japanese Matcha Tea.
Kitkat Smoothie
Kitkat Smoothie
A popular treat among chocolate lovers, not just on summer, but all year round!

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About Kawaii Cafe

Our place is for anime lovers, Otaku, cosplayers, and Japanese culture fans. Kawaii Cafe is a perfect place for hanging out with friends and fellow enthusiasts. People who aspire to be cosplayers will definitely enjoy visiting us, as they can cosplay inside for free and meet more cosplayer friends. Cosplay is one of the famous Japanese culture that we support.

Kawaii Cafe’s cozy ambience makes it feel like home, especially for people who love the Japanese culture.

Experience Japan with us!

We welcome you to visit Kawaii Cafe!


40 Pantaleon del Rosario St, Cebu City, Philippines